The Tortilla Slap Challenge – Horse Show Edition

The Tortilla Slap Challenge took over TikTok and many other media sites in 2022, and it continued into 2023. So what’s the big deal?

Well, when you’re hurrying-up-and-waiting at the horse show, it’s certainly one form of team-building!

When we asked for their latest how-to video, Brittany Russell Show Horses provided their version of this challenge, and despite our initial doubt, we found ourselves laughing out loud! (PS – this game was done gently and just for fun – Google the rules online.) The winner is the one who spits out the water last.

The Rock and Kevin Hart, who made arguably the most popular video of it last year, have nothing on us, as we bring you the 2023 version: The Tortilla Slap Challenge – Horse Show Edition